The Tourist inn  HINOMOTO
As for the lodging by the Kyoto sightseeing, please by the sightseeing hotel hinomoto that is popular among the tourists from the foreign countries at a bargain price.
There is composure, and it is light-hearted and  easiness.Ryokan HINOMOTO
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The tourist HINOMOTO
The tourist inn Hinomoto is located in Kawaramachi in Kyoto,Japanese traditional city.
We offer you nice rooms at reasonable prices.Plese enjoy your Kyoto torip and feel free to make an inquiry.

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RyokanHinomoto (Japanese in Group)
Address 375 Kotake-cho Matsubara-agaru Kawaramachi-dori Shimogyo-ku Kyoto Japan 6008034.
TEL 075-351-4563 FAX 075-351-3932